From local fynbos to forest trees and Namaqualand succulents!

  • We grow beautiful, hardy plants and trees specifically designed by nature to flourish in local climate conditions which we supply wholesale or grow to order.
  • We can assist with plant rehabilitation, plant identification and guide you on using fynbos and indigenous plants in gardens.
  • We specialise in landscaping and garden design using only indigenous plants and trees, creating beautiful landscapes that are environmentally friendly too. Visit Good Hope Gardens Landscaping for more.
  • We run courses for adults and children to learn about fynbos and edible and medicinal plants. Spend an enjoyable day foraging near Cape Point and then learn how to prepare and eat what you find.
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Acmadenia heterophylla Fine leaved aromatic shrublet to 40cm. Dark pink flowers between Sep & Mar. From coastal limestones. Sun.
Agathosma apiculata, Garlic Buchu Shrub to 1m. from coastal dunes & limestone soils. White flowers, mostly in Winter. Sun or Semi shade. Toughest of all the buchus.
Agathosma capensis, Spicy Buchu Spicy scented shrub to 90cm. Resprouter - prune hard. White, pink, or mauve flowers. Grows on granite and shale soils as well as coastal sand. Full sun.
Asparagus falcatus, Doringtou Robust thorny climber from forest margins. Sweetly-scented flowers from Sept-Dec. Red berries eaten by birds & monkeys. 
Athanasia dentata Shrub to 90cm. Yellow flowers from Aug - Apr. Occurs in coastal bush. Sun. Very Tough.
Chironia laxa, Bitterwortel Herbaceous perennial 30cm tall. Pink star-shaped flowers from mid - late summer. Full sun, water through summer, composted soil.
Chlorophytum krookianum Deciduous perennial with big strappy leaves. White spikes of flowers from Dec - Apr. 1.5m. Semi-shade.
Chlorophytum saundersii, Weeping Anthericum Grass-like perennial to 70cm. Blooms over a long period, spring through summer in sun or light shade. Gracefully arching spikes of white flowers. Summer water.
Cliffortia obcordata Shrub with small flat leaves and tiny maroon flowers. Grows to 1.3m. Grows well in alkaline sand near beach or hot mountain slopes. Sun. Hardy.
Clutia alaternoides Shrub to 70cm. Good for clipping into balls or small hedging. Full sun, drought hardy.
Coleonema album, Cape May Much branched 1m coastal shrub with fine foliage, fragrant. Profusion of small white flowers from April-Nov. Sun or Semi shade. Withstands drought, salt and wind. 
Coleonema dark pink, Pink Confetti Bush Bushy 1m+ coastal shrub. Pink flowers from April-Nov. Withstands drought, salt and wind. Sun or semi shade. Scented leaves - same Family as Citrus and Buchu.
Crassula fragilis Small succulent groundcover, 5cm. White flowers. Good in pots. Semi-shade.
Diascia molle, Twinspur Flat, spreading groundcover. Masses of bright pink 'Twinspur' flowers in Spring-Summer. Like moisture in Summer, compost, cool Sun or semi-shade.
Dombeya rotundifolia, Wild Pear Small tree, 2 - 4m. Deciduous with rough, round leaves. First tree to bloom in early spring. Scented white flowers cover the tree before leaves appear. Fairly fast if watered through the summer.
Drosanthemum candens Mat forming vygie. Flowers pale pink or white from Oct to Jan. Found on coastal rocks. Full sun. 
Dyschoriste  setigera, (Chaetacanthus) Low sprawling shrublet to 30cm. Small white from Aug-Jan. Sun or semi-shade and some summer water. 
Ekebergia capensis, Cape Ash Evergreen forest tree. Height 5-7m. Flowers small white sweetly scented Aug-Nov. Followed by red berries for birds. Fairly fast growing if fed & watered. Good shade tree.
Eriocephalus africanus, Wild Rosemary Widely spread coastal shrub to 1m tall. Profuse white flowers in autumn followed by fluffy seeds which birds use to line nests. Sun. Scented foliage. Medicinal, edible.
Eriocephalus eximius More attractive shape than E. africanus.
Euryops abrotanifolius, Geel Magriet Upright shrub to 1m. Large yellow daisy flowers from May to Dec. Common on sandy or rocky slopes, very tough. Prune for more bushy growth.
Falkia repens, Oortjies Attractive groundcover found near vleis, but can tolerate moderate drought in summer. Pale pink to white convolvulus-like flowers from Nov-Feb. Sun or semi- shade.
Felicia aethiopica variegata, Bush Felicia Shrubby, spreading perennial to 30cm. Blue daisy flowers with yellow centres in spring and early summer. Sun. Cut back for fresh growth.
Felicia fruticosa, Wild Aster Bushy shrub, 1,3m tall. Purple-mauve daisy flowers Sept-Nov. Beautiful Spring display on Peninsula mountains. Very tough.
Ficinia nodosa, Knotted club-rush Sedge to 1m tall. Suited to marshy coastal areas. Flowers in dense, brown heads from Dec - Mar. Drought & Bog tolerant.
Geranium incanum album Fast spreading groundcover. Attractive, delicate foliage with masses of white to pale mauve flowers in Spring. Coastal planting.
Gnidia squarrosa Shrub up to 1.5m with fine foliage. Long-lasting creamy flowers that are night scented (moth-pollinated). Sun. Prune to shape. Coastal. 
Halleria lucida, Tree Fuchsia Large shrub or tree 2-5m. From coastal bush or forest. Orange tubular flowers from June-Feb. Loved by birds & bees. Tough but prefers compost & water.
Helichrysum argyrophyllum, Yellow Everlasting Spreading groundcover 30cm. Yellow everlasting flowers and attractive silver foliage. Like full sun and a bit of summer moisture.
Helichrysum cymosum Spreading ground cover 40cm tall. Yellow flowers from Oct - Mar. Grey-green foliage. Grows in any soil type. Very tough for coastal conditions. Sun. 
Hermannia pinnata, Kruipoproos Groundcover 15-30cm tall. Scented bell-shaped apricot flowers in Spring. Sun. Very tough.
Hermannia saccifera, Konynbossie Groundcover to 30 cm tall. Beautiful and abundant golden yellow flowers from Jul-Oct. Ideal at the coast in rockeries. From lower coastal slopes. Full sun.
Hymenolepis crithmifolia, Coulter Bush Soft shrub to 2.5m tall. Grey-green leaves. Yellow flowers from Sep - Dec. Full sun. Fast growing.
Hypoestes aristatus, Ribbon Bush 1m shrub. Sun or partial shade. Covered in rich purple or white flowers in autumn. Coastal forest margins. Fairly drought tolerant. Cut back after flowers. Self-seeding.
Jasminum multipartitum Wild Jasmin edible flowers. Shrub to 2m with scented large white Jasmine flowers, pink reverse from Oct - Nov. Summer rainfall. Sun-Semi shade. Likes good soil, tolerates wind.
Jordaniella dubia, Helder Kruip Vygie Creeping succulent to 30cm tall. Flowers bright yellow from May to Sep.  Found on sand dunes or limestone. Sun.
Kigelia africana, Sausage Tree Large tree with a rounded crown. Flowers dark maroon with heavy yellow veins from Aug to Oct. Fruit huge 1m sausage-shaped. Nectar for birds.
Lampranthus falciformis, Vygie Spreading shrublet to 40cm. Pink vygie flowers Oct.-Feb. Thrives in full sun amongst rocks.
Ledebouria socialis, Silver Squill Spotty-leaved little bulb growing 15cm tall. Green & purple leaf forms available. Pendulous pink white flowerheads from Jul - Dec. Summer growing. Good in pots.
Leucadendron salignum, Common Sunshine Conebush Shrub to 1m. Leaves turn bright yellow-green in winter and spring and pinky red in summer. Very widespread and tolerant of a range of conditions. Full sun, well-drained soils.
Leucadendron laureolum, Golden Conebush Rounded shrub to 2m. Bright yellow leaves in June, colouring large areas of Peninsula mountainside throughout winter. Tolerates clay soil, as well as acid sand.
Lobostemon montanus, Mountain agt-dae-geneesbos Bushy shrub 1-2m. Vivid sky-blue flowers in Winter & Spring. Sun. Tough - don't overfeed or overwater. Medicinally used to heal wounds and skin disease.
Maytenus acuminata, Silky Bark Small glossy-leaved tree 3 - 5m tall. Small white flowers from May-Jan. Fruit attracts birds. Full sun or part-shade.
Maytenus procumbens, Dune kokoboom Large coastal shrub to 4m. Orange fruits with bird-attracting aril covered seeds. Very tough. Sun-Semi shade. Wind resistant.
Mentha longifolia, Indigenous Mint Scented leaves for use in teas etc. Plant in semi-shade in moist, well-drained soil.
Metalasia densa, Blombos Rounded shrub growing 1-2m tall. Honey-scented flowers. Good pioneer, drought hardy, full sun.
Metalasia muricata, Blombos Silver shrub 2m+ tall. Masses of white flowers from autumn to spring. Coastal dune sands, drought hardy. Full sun.
Monopsis lutea, Yellow Lobelia Spreading low-growing groundcover. Yellow flowers from Nov - Apr. Sun or part-shade. Regular watering, found in wetlands.
Morella cordifolia, Waxberry Loose shrub to 1.5m tall. Very hardy, grows in beach sands. Full sun. 
Myrsine africana, Wild Myrtle Slow growing shrub, 1 -3m tall, perfect for clipped hedges. Black fruit for the birds. Sun or Shade. Waterwise.
Orphium frutescens, Gentian, Sea Rose Perennial reaching 60cm tall. Glossy pink flowers from Nov. -Feb. Water regularly. Full sun, sandy soils. Great for coastal gardens.
Oscularia deltoides, Dassie Vygie Vygie reaching 35cm tall. Unusual angular leaves. Pink flowers from Oct - Dec. Full sun. Waterwise & low maintenance. Suited to pots, retaining walls or as a groundcover.
Osmitopsis asteriscoides, Swamp Daisy 2m shrub. White daisies from Aug - Dec. Full sun. Plant into wetlands or permanently damp garden beds. Medicinal, aromatic leaves.
Otholobium virgatum, Carpet Pea Spreading ground cover with mauve flowers from Sep - Nov. Grows well in sandy coastal soils. Full sun, tolerates part shade. Regular watering. Medicinal, leaves used.
Othonna capensis, Little Pickles Succulent grey-leaved groundcover. Yellow daisy flowers from May - Aug. Full sun, waterwise & low maintenance.
Passerina corymbosa, Besembos, Gannabos Fine-leaved fynbos shrub to 1.5m tall. Masses of tiny flowers turn bushes into shades of red & yellow from Sep - Nov.  Lots of pollen. Full sun, waterwise, suited to a dry fynbos garden.
Pelargonium exstipulatum Bushy shrublet to 1m. Grey attractive foliage. Pink & magenta flowers from Jun - Dec. Full sun & waterwise. Good in pots.
Pelargonium fragrans, Nutmeg Pelargonium Compact neat shrublet to 40cm tall. White flowers with crimson markings from Jun - Nov. Nutmeg scented leaves. Full sun, waterwise, coastal conditions.
Pelargonium X radens, Rose Pelargonium Shrub to 70cm tall. Delicious rose-scented leaves & edible flowers. Pink flowers from Jun - Dec. Full sun, waterwise.
Pentameris curvifolia, Tassel Grass Perennial grass to 60cm tall. Attractive fawn coloured flowers from Sep - Dec. Suited to a fynbos garden, plant in groups. Full sun.
Pentzia incana, African Sheep Grass Compact grey-leaved aromatic plant growing to 1m tall. Yellow flowers from Nov - Jan. Full Sun, drought hardy. 
Phylica ericoides, Heath Phylica Neat & compact shrub to 60cm tall. Clusters of small white flowers all year round. Full sun. Suited to coastal gardens, hardy and waterwise.
Plectranthus grandidentatus, Scented-leaved Spurflower Semi-succulent spreading groundcover to 30cm tall. Velvety leaves. Spikes of white flowers from Nov - Apr. Fast-growing, shade or semi-shade.
Polygala gazensis Shrub to 1,2m tall. Fine leaves & arching shape. Mauve flowers. Full sun and waterwise.
Polygala myrtifolia var pinifolia Spreading groundcover to 30cm tall. Mauve flowers from Jul - Oct. Full sun, waterwise. Plant to cascade down retaining walls & slopes.
Polygala myrtifolia WHITE, Septemberbos Redhill form neat and compact, growing to 2m tall. White flowers all year but peaking in September. Very adaptable easy to grow. Full sun or part-shade, waterwise.
Polygala virgata, Purple Broom Tall broom-like habit, growing to 2m. Mauve flowers all year. Regular water, full sun. Self seeds. Pinch out growing tips for bushier growth.
Protea cynaroides, King Protea Cape Peninsula form. Upright to sprawling slow-growing shrub to 1,5m tall. Huge pink flowers from Apr - Aug. Regular watering. Full sun. 
Protea scolymocephala, Witskollie Small protea 1.2m tall.  Creamy white rounded flowers from Jul - Nov. Well-drained soils in full sun. Alkaline soils and coastal conditions.
Psoralea repens, Creeping Fountain Bush Trailing groundcover, flat and spreading. Fleshy leaves. Mauve pea flowers from Oct - Feb. Grow on coastal dunes. Full sun / part shade, waterwise.
Roella ciliata Small fynbos perennial 50cm tall. Big purple flowers with a white throat from Aug - Mar. Mountain soils in full sun. Waterwise.
Ruschia bina Low-growing groundcover, neat foliage. Pink flowers in spring. Full sun, coastal conditions, drought hardy.
Ruschia macowanii Succulent shrublet 30cm tall. Mauve flowers from Aug - Oct. Full sun, drought hardy, coastal.
Ruschia sarmentosa Succulent groundcover. Pink flowers from Jul - Aug. Local to the Cape Peninsula, sandy coastal soils. Full sun, drought hardy.
Salvia chamelaeagnea white Shrub to 1.5m. White flowers from Nov - May. Wind and drought resistant. Sun. Delicious if used as herb to flavour cakes.
Searsia lucida, Glossy Taaibos Large shrub or small tree 2-3m tall with a wide spread. Small cream flowers from Aug - Oct. Birds love the berries.  Coastal bush, full sun, waterwise.
Selago canescens Shrub to 1m tall. Long spires of mauve flowers from Jul - Sep. Full sun, loved by bees and butterflies.
Selago myrtifolia Neat shrublet to 60cm tall. Mauve flowers. Full sun.
Stoebe plumosa, Slangbos Shrub with attractive silver foliage growing to 1.2m high. Small golden spikes of tiny flowers from Apr - Jun. Full sun, wind, drought & salt hardy.
Syncarpha argentea multicolour A softly rounded bush with silver foliage growing to 20cm high. Flowerbuds are cerise opening to white - very striking. Full sun, waterwise.
Syncarpha vestita, Cape Snow Woolly little shrublet to 60cm. Big white flowers with a red rim in early summer. Full sun. Plants in groups. 
Tarchonanthus littoralis, Coastal Camphor Bush Local Tarchonanthus species. Small tree or big shrub to between 1 - 5m tall. Extremely tough, drought hardy & perfect for coastal gardens.  Full sun.
Thamnochortus fraternus Cape flats sand fynbos restio growing to 1m tall. Full sun.
Tulbaghia violacea, Wild Garlic Evergreen bulb, green strappy leaves, 35cm tall. Mauve flowers from Dec - Apr. Edible. Full sun, tough.
Veltheimia bracteata, Forest Lily Bulb to 60cm tall. Pink pendulous flowers on a tall spike from Jul - Sep. Shade. Likes composted soil.

“…These qualified physiologists had the courage to grow only indigenous plants when they weren’t terribly popular……they are a mine of valuable information when it comes to choosing the correct species and plant suitability.”
– Franchesca Watson, House and Garden.

“…What delighted me was the sensory element: new shapes, textures and fragrances”
Rupert Jefferies, Cape Chat.

“…If you are looking for indigenous plants for the garden and sound advice on what will grow where, then this is the place to visit.”
Marianne Alexander, Country Life.