From local fynbos to forest trees and Namaqualand succulents!

  • We grow beautiful, hardy plants and trees specifically designed by nature to flourish in local climate conditions which we supply wholesale or grow to order.
  • We can assist with plant rehabilitation, plant identification and guide you on using fynbos and indigenous plants in gardens.
  • We specialise in landscaping and garden design using only indigenous plants and trees, creating beautiful landscapes that are environmentally friendly too. Visit Good Hope Gardens Landscaping for more.
  • We run courses for adults and children to learn about fynbos and edible and medicinal plants. Spend an enjoyable day foraging near Cape Point and then learn how to prepare and eat what you find.
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Retail Availability List  - AUGUST 2020  (We are not VAT registered)
SPECIFIC NAME COMMENTS Bag size Quantity  Retail Price 
Agathosma capensis Flowers a little later than others, mauve-pink 12cm 60 R 35,00
Agathosma ciliaris Citrus buchu 12cm 20 R 35,00
Agathosma collina Strong grower with white flowers to 60cm 12cm 40 R 35,00
Agathosma serpyllacea Lemon scented, easy to grow, 50cm 12cm 30 R 35,00
Asparagus falcatus Robust, thorny climber, scented flowers 15cm 40 R 45,00
Buddleja glomerata Karoo Sagewood, grey scalloped-shaped leaves 17cm 10 R 90,00
Bulbine latifolius Coming into bud. Yellow green leaves, semi-shaded position. 12cm 30 R 40,00
Cliffortia obcordata 1.3m. Tough shrub. Tiny maroon flowers. 15cm 50 R 45,00
Clutia alaternoides Good for clipping into balls or small hedging. 15cm 50 R 40,00
Coleonema album White flowers. 1m. Coastal conditions. 17cm 40 R 50,00
Coleonema dark pink Pink flowers. 1m+. Coastal conditions. 15cm 200 R 40,00
Crassula fragilis Succulent groundcover. White flowers. 12cm 20 R 35,00
Crassula muscosa 'Rustafari' Attractive soft yellowy green foliage 12cm 40 R 35,00
Dicerothamnus rhinocerotus Renosterbos silver green  15cm 50 R 45,00
Dombeya rotundifolia Small tree. White flowers in spring. 60kg 6 R 1 100,00
Drosanthemum lique Small mauve flowers  12cm 40 R 30,00
Elegia tectorum 'Fish Hoek'   12cm 200 R 35,00
Ekebergia capensis Cape Ash 20kg 6 R 390,00
Eriocephalus eximius More attractive shape than E. africanus. 15cm 50 R 40,00
Eriocephalus africanus Fast growing falling growth flowers in March 17cm 20 R 40,00
Felicia fruticosa 1.3m. Purple flowers, fine foliage. 15cm 30 R 40,00
Ficinia nodosus Suited to marshy areas. Coastal. 15cm 80 R 35,00
Gnidia squarrosa 1m. Yellow flowers- buds now 17cm 30 R 45,00
Hermannia pinnata Scented bell-shaped apricot flowers. 12cm 50 R 35,00
Hermannia pinnata Scented bell-shaped apricot flowers early spring 15cm 40 R 40,00
Hermannia saccifera Golden yellow flowers. 15cm 30 R 40,00
Jasminum multipartitum Wild Jasmin edible flowers. Bush form 17cm 20 R 55,00
Kigelia africana Sausage tree 60kg 2 R 1 040,00
Leucadendron laureolum 2m. Local to Peninsula. Bright Yellow. 15cm 50 R 45,00
Maytenus acuminata Small tree to 5m. 60kg 2 R 1 000,00
Maytenus procumbens Large coastal shrub, wind resistant 10kg 50 R 130,00
Mentha longifolia Mint 12cm 20 R 30,00
Metalsia muricata Coastal dune sands. 15cm 30 R 40,00
Monopsis lutea Wetland groundcover, yellow flowers 24plug tray 1 R10,00 / plug
Orphium frutescens Pink flowers 12cm 70 R 35,00
Osmitopsis asteriscoides 2m, White river daisy, 'Belskruie'. Wetlands 15cm 50 R 50,00
Otholobium bracteolatum 1.2m Dune fynbos shrub with blue flowers 15cm 50 R 45,00
Otholobium virgatum Spreading mauve flowered ground cover 12cm 50 R 35,00
Passerina corymbosa 1.5m. Widespread fynbos & renosterveld. 15cm 30 R 40,00
Pelargonium fragrans Nutmeg scented compact pelargonium 15cm 100 R 40,00
Pelargonium radens Rose-scented leaves. 70cm. 15cm 80 R 40,00
Phylica ericoides Hardy compact coastal shrub small white fls 12cm 100 R 35,00
Polygala gazensis 1,2m. Fine leaves & arching shape. 17cm 20 R 45,00
Polygala myrtifolia var pinifolia 30cm, cascades. Retaining walls & slopes 15cm 50 R 45,00
Polygala myrtifolia WHITE Redhill form neat and compact 15cm 40 R 50,00
Portulacaria afra Gold Attractive gold and green leaved Spekboom 15cm 30 R 40,00
Protea cynaroides Peninsula form. 15cm 50 R 60,00
Protea scolymocephala 1.2m tall, creamy white rounded flowers. 15cm 50 R 60,00
Psoralea repens Trailing groundcover, coastal dunes. 12cm 40 R 35,00
Psoralea repens Trailing groundcover, coastal dunes. 24plug tray 6 R10,00 / plug
Ruschia bina Neat foliage, pink flowers. 15cm  20 R 40,00
Selago canescens 1m. Mauve flowers. 17cm 50 R 45,00
Stoebe plumosa Silver foliage atrractive tough shrub to 1.2m 17cm 50 R 50,00
Helichrysum retortum De Hoop coastal sand large white everlasting 12cm 50 R 35,00
Syncarpha argentea multicolor Softly rounded bush flowers cerise fading white in flower in bud 15cm 50 R 40,00
Syncarpha argyropsis   12cm 50 R 35,00
Thamnochortus fraternus Cape flats sand fynbos restio 60-80cm 17cm 20 R 50,00
Tulbaghia violacea Wild Garlic. 15cm 20 R 40,00



“…These qualified physiologists had the courage to grow only indigenous plants when they weren’t terribly popular……they are a mine of valuable information when it comes to choosing the correct species and plant suitability.”
– Franchesca Watson, House and Garden.

“…What delighted me was the sensory element: new shapes, textures and fragrances”
Rupert Jefferies, Cape Chat.

“…If you are looking for indigenous plants for the garden and sound advice on what will grow where, then this is the place to visit.”
Marianne Alexander, Country Life.