From local fynbos to forest trees and Namaqualand succulents!

  • We grow beautiful, hardy plants and trees specifically designed by nature to flourish in local climate conditions which we supply wholesale or grow to order.
  • We can assist with plant rehabilitation, plant identification and guide you on using fynbos and indigenous plants in gardens.
  • We specialise in landscaping and garden design using only indigenous plants and trees, creating beautiful landscapes that are environmentally friendly too. Visit Good Hope Gardens Landscaping for more.
  • We run courses for adults and children to learn about fynbos and edible and medicinal plants. Spend an enjoyable day foraging near Cape Point and then learn how to prepare and eat what you find.
  • Visit our blog for up to date news & information. 




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We are taking all precautions necessary against COVID19 and hope to see you in our nursery soon!


12cm pot Agathosma apiculata Garlic buchu. White flowers. 60cm tall.
12cm pot Agathosma ciliaris Citrus buchu. White / mauve flowers. 50cm tall. 
12cm pot Agathosma serpyllacea Thyme buchu. 80cm tall. Mauve flowers.
15cm pot Albuca nelsonii Evergreen bulb. Tall spikes of white flowers.
20kg bag Allophyllus decipiens Shrub / small tree to 3m. Dune Forests.
15cm pot Artemisia afra Wilde Als
17cm pot Athanasia dentata Toothed-leaf Athansia, extremely drought tolerant. 
17cm pot Berkheya purpurea  Purple Thistle. Gorgeous purple flowers.
10kg bag Buddleja auriculata Weeping Sage
17cm pot Capeochloa arundinacea 1m tall fynbos grass. Dry gardens.
17cm pot Carissa macrocarpa Num Num
20kg bag Cassine peragua Cape Saffron. Tree.
17cm pot Chlorophytum krookianum Deciduous bulb. Tall spikes of white flowers.
12cm pot Chrysocoma coma aurea Small rounded shrub with yellow button flowers
15cm pot Cliffortia obcordata 1.3m. Tiny maroon flowers. Interesting leaves.
17cm pot Clutia alaternoides Clip into balls or small hedging. Grey-green foliage.
15cm pot Coleonema aspalathoides Pink flowers. 1m+. Coastal conditions.
12cm pot Crassula fragilis Succulent groundcover. White flowers.
12cm pot Crassula muscosa 'Rustafari" Attractive soft yellowy green foliage
Plugs Crassula pellucida pointy-leaved LARGE leaf form
Plugs Crassula spathulata Rounded small leaf form
20kg bag Cunonia capensis Rooiels, Butterspoon Tree. Regular water.
15cm pot Curio ficioides Succulent grey leaved accent plant
15cm pot Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis Renosterbos. Grey & tough!
20kg bag Dietes bicolor Large established plants.
60kg bag Dombeya rotundifolia Small tree great for smaller gardens
12cm pot Drosanthemum lique Small mauve flowers 
12cm pot Dychoriste (Chaetacanthus) setiger Drought resistant white flowered ground cover
12cm pot Elegia tectorum 'Fish Hoek' Restio, seasonal wetlands 
60kg bag Ekebergia capensis Cape Ash
15cm pot Eriocephalus africanus Wild Rosemary
12cm pot Euryops abrotanifolius Yellow daisy flowers in winter & spring
Plugs Falkia repens Creeping Falkia
12cm pot Geranium incanum White flowers Cape Peninsula form
17cm pot Gymnosporia nemorosa Spiny large shrub, forest margins. Security screening.
12cm pot Helichrysum retortum De Hoop coastal sands, large white everlasting flowers
15cm pot Hermannia saccifera Yellow pendulous flowers.
17cm pot Hymenolepis crithmifolia 2.5m, fast. Big flat yellow heads of flowers
15cm pot Hypoxis hemerocallidea Medicinal
12cm pot Justicia (Siphonoglossa) tubulosa ssp tubulosa Small shrub. White/pale mauve flowers.
12cm pot Lampranthus falciformis Table Mountain, pink flowers. 25cm
12cm pot Ledebouria socialis Silver african hyacinth
17cm pot Lessertia frutescens Cancer Bush.
15cm pot Leucadendron coniferum Dune Conebush, 2m x 2m, good windbreak
15cm pot Leucadendron laureolum 2m. Local to Peninsula. 
15cm pot Leucospermum conocarpodendron ssp viridum Kreupelhout
15cm pot Lobelia pinifolia Small shrub, 50cm. Blue flowers.
10kg bag Loxostylis alata Tarwood
19cm pot Maurocenia frangula Khoi Cherry
60kg bag Maytenus acuminata Small tree to 5m.
10kg bag Maytenus procumbens Large coastal shrub, wind resistant. 
15cm pot Melinis repens Natal red-top grass
15cm pot Melinis nerviglumis Summer rainfall grass with deep pink flower spikes
15cm pot Metalasia densa Green leaved mountain Metalasia
Plugs Monopsis lutea Groundcover, damp areas. Yellow flowers.
12cm pot Muraltia mitior Soft shrub, 80cm tall. Seasonally damp flats.
12cm pot Muraltia satureioides Beautiful densely flowered stems 
20kg bag Nuxia floribunda Forest Elder. Medium size water-loving tree
15cm pot Orphium frutescens Broad-leaved form. Bright pink flowers.
15cm pot Osmitopsis asteriscoides 2m, White river daisy, 'Belskruie'. Wetlands
12cm pot Osteospermum fruticosum Coastal white flowered spreading ground cover
Plugs Otholobium virgatum Spreading mauve flowered ground cover
15cm pot Pelargonium capitatum Wild spreading pelargonium soft leaved and hardy
15cm pot Pelargonium citronellum Lemon-scented Pelargonium
15cm pot Pelargonium fragrans Nutmeg scented compact pelargonium
15cm pot Pelargonium X radens Lovely pinnate leaf variation on rose scented
15cm pot Pelargonium tomentosum Peppermint pelargonium
12cm pot Pennisetum macrourum Grass, 1.5m tall.
15cm pot Phylica ericoides Hardy compact coastal shrub small white fls
15cm pot Plectranthus verticillatus pale mauve flowers
10kg bag Podocarpus falcatus Outeniqua Yellowwood
15cm pot Polygala fruticosa Purple flowers.  Perennial.
17cm pot Polygala gazensis 1,2m. Fine leaves & arching shape. Flowering.
15cm pot Polygala myrtifolia var pinifolia 30cm, cascades. Retaining walls & slopes. In Flower
17cm pot Polygala myrtifolia white Red hill form.
15cm pot Polygala virgata Purple broom. Single stem, mauve flowers 
15cm pot Portulacaria afra Spekboom edible leaves very high in Vit C
15cm pot Protea lanceolata Hardy white flowered protea very easy to grow
15cm pot Protea scolymocephala Wit Skollie.
10kg bag Rapanea melanophloeos Boekenhout Tree. Flushing new red leaves.
17cm pot Rhoicissus digitata Bobejaan druif (leaves anti inflammatory)
15cm pot Salvia africana blue hybrid Gorgeous blue flowered natural hybrid.
15cm pot Salvia aurea Salvia africana-lutea
15cm pot Salvia chamelaeagnea Blue & white flowers
15cm pot Salvia dentata Blue flowers
15cm pot Salvia dolomitica Dolomite salvia, lovely scent, pink and mauve flowers
Plugs Schoenoxiphium ecklonii 30cm tall sedge
15cm pot Scutia myrtina Cats claw, scrambling shrub, impenetrable hedge
17cm pot Searsia (Rhus) glauca Blue Kunibush
15cm pot Selago myrtifolia Mauve flowers now
12cm pot Selago polystachya Coastal sands, white flowers Oct-Mar, 60cm
15cm pot Senecio macroglossus Fast growing creeper,creamy yellow daisy flowers
15cm pot Seriphium plumosum Slangbos
20kg bag Sideroxylon inerme Milkwood
Plugs Stachys aethiopica Small shrub / groundcover. White flowers.
12cm pot Syncarpha argentea 'multicolor' Grey leaved shrublet, two-toned flowers.
15cm pot Syncarpha argyropsis Silver leaf, pink bud coastal sand
15cm pot Talbotia elegans Groundcover. Semi-shade.
17cm pot Thamnochortus pluristachyus Restio attractive flowers
17cm pot Thamnochortus spicigerus Restio thick culms to 1.5m 
17cm pot Tribolium uniolae Tufted, perennial fynbos grass.
19cm pot Tulbaghia simmlerii Sweet wild garlic 
15cm pot Ursinia palacea Large flowered ursinia from seepage areas
20kg bag Vachellia (Acacia) gerrardii Red thorn



“…These qualified physiologists had the courage to grow only indigenous plants when they weren’t terribly popular……they are a mine of valuable information when it comes to choosing the correct species and plant suitability.”
– Franchesca Watson, House and Garden.

“…What delighted me was the sensory element: new shapes, textures and fragrances”
Rupert Jefferies, Cape Chat.

“…If you are looking for indigenous plants for the garden and sound advice on what will grow where, then this is the place to visit.”
Marianne Alexander, Country Life.