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Good Hope Gardens nursery stocks a comprehensive range of indigenous plants and trees which we supply wholesale and can grow for contracts.

We have hundreds of indigenous plant and tree species on our database. These range from local fynbos to sub tropical trees.

  • Our plants are grown at the nursery under harsh Cape Point weather conditions.

  • Our staff uses only organic growing media, fertilizers and pest control.

We are indigenous plants enthusiasts and experts. We grow them, nurture them, sell them, try get everyone to use them, plant them everywhere and even eat the edible ones. Other than providing you with local plants, we can offer assistance with

  • Plant Identification

  • Plant Restoration

  • Planting Plans

  • Garden Design and Consultations


The benefits of using indigenous plants

There is growing awareness around climate and environmental issues and more and more people are exploring South Africa’s multitude of tough, drought resistant and beautiful plants. With water restrictions increasing over the years, the public interest in indigenous plants has been remarkable.


Benefits to you and your garden

Indigenous plants have adapted over many years to suit the specific climate and environmental conditions in your area. This means they

  • Survive better. Less demoralising plant casualties.

  • Resist pests better

  • Withstand wind conditions (especially in the Cape)

  • Need less watering and maintenance. 


Benefits to the Environment

There are great environmental benefits to using indigenous plants. By choosing to plant a variety of local plants, you are choosing to work with nature.

  • You’ll maintain local ecology and biodiversity.

  • You’ll attract local bird and animals to your garden and create a space where they can thrive and enjoy.

  • Your garden will form part of a vegetation corridor with surrounding natural areas so local fauna can move freely.

  • Indigenous and local plants will never become invasive as they form part of the balance established naturally in your area.  

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